Terms and Conditions of Sale

In these General terms and Conditions of Sale, a Client or Customer is anyone -individual or company- who contracts or wishes to contract a service or /and product offered by HIGHWAY TO SPANISH.

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH offers the services that are displayed on the site https://highwaytospanish.com/online-spanish-lessons/ related to Spanish lessons and courses, the Client being able to request any of the offered lesson packages as indicated on the site, or by emailing infohighway@highwaytospanish.com. Once the request, has been received, a response email will be sent to the Client, including a list of questions to be able to provide a budget according to the client´s needs, otherwise the price is available on the site.

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH reserves the right to accept or reject the contracting of services, with no need to justify the cause, however, the Client will always be notified via email by HIGHWAY TO SPANISH if the contracting of services is rejected.

Before contracting a lesson package, for both private and group lessons, the client firstly should check HIGHWAY TO SPANISH availability to provide such service, which is available/offered for a certain period of time each day.

Private Lessons

The client must contact HIGHWAY TO SPANISH via email at infohighway@highwaytospanish.com to request a virtual appointment or consultation, to organize a free trial lesson. Subsequently HIGHWAY TO SPANISH will produce a budget according to the client needs and objectives, considering the schedule, availability and the number and frequency of lessons to receive.

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH will also email the client its availability and payment instructions and / or bank details and /or payment link so that the payment for the service can be made in advance. Once the payment has been made and verified, the working hours will be established according to the availability of both parties.

Group Lessons

If the client wishes to contract group lessons, he / she will email HIGHWAY TO SPANISH at infohighway@highwaytospanish.com, requesting this service and a quote. Discounts may apply in the case of group lessons. However, the group lessons are only available whenever there is a possibility to form a group with students/clients with the same or similar level, needs and objectives. HIGHWAY TO SPANISH is not able to guarantee the group would actually be formed.


Payments can be made by credit or debit card, or by bank transfer through the payment platforms of PayPal and Stripe, which will be solely responsible for the data provided by the customer and for any payment related issue or misuse of the of data.

Payments are accepted through bank transfer in the account indicated by HIGHWAY TO SPANISH at the end of the purchase process. In these cases, HIGHWAY TO SPANISH will not be held responsible for any bank fees involved in the process. It Is not possible for HIGHWAY TO SPANISH to inform the Client of the relevant bank fees involved during the purchase process as it is not aware of the final actual charges or fees.

It is not possible to purchase products that involve a recurring payment by bank transfer.

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH will not be responsible, nor will perform the actions that are necessary, to correct any error in the bank transfer made by the client.

The service will only start once the payment has been received in the HIGHWAY TO SPANISH bank account.

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH accepts payments with credit or debit cards, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The customer or client who chooses this payment option must enter the relevant card details during the purchase process. The data is encrypted and sent to the Stripe platform, which is responsible for managing the payment. In the case of recurring payments, the Stripe platform is responsible for issuing the payment, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the data provided by the client- the data is therefore not handled by HIGHWAY TO SPANISH.

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH also supports payments directly through the PayPal platform for those who have a PayPal user account. In addition, the user can pay on this platform directly without having to be registered using a Visa, Visa Electron, 4B, Euro6000, MasterCard, American Express or international Master cards. The customer or client who wants to pay for their order with any of these credit or debit cards must enter the card details in the PayPal payment platform, to which he or she will be redirected to at the end of the purchase process. This ensures the highest levels of security during the payment process since the data is managed through the secure servers of this company specialized in processing online payments. 

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH does not therefore collect or store any client card details or any details belonging to the PayPal account used to pay for the orders. 

In the case of recurring payments, the PayPal platform is responsible for creating an “Automatic Payment Profile”, which the user can manage within his or her PayPal account, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the data provided by the client.

In any case, all communication between the site and the client is secured by an SSL security certificate, so that the customer or client can check the site visited belongs to HIGHWAY TO SPANISH by verifying the URL and the symbol of “Secure site” placed in front of this URL, namely https.

No payments can be made in cash, cheque, promissory notes or direct debit.

Prices and Taxes

All prices and taxes are displayed on the site, except for those that, due to their personalization, require the drafting and acceptance of a budget. The customer or client will always be informed of the taxes included.

If there is a discount, this will only apply at the time of purchase, if the promotion or special discount is made once the budget has been sent, and the service has already been initiated and therefore paid for, the client will not be able to claim a discount or promotion for a contract or service already in progress.

Lesson Packages Duration and Ownership

Individual lesson packages have no expiration date and can be used at any time by the person who purchased them. It is forbidden to transfer or sale these to third parties, unless expressly authorized in writing by HIGHWAY TO SPANISH.

In case the buyer is a company or similar, the lessons may be used by several people, this must be previously requested by the buyer or company via emai at infohighway@highwaytospanish.com.


Subscription based Products

Subscription based products sold by HIGHWAY TO SPANISH are subject to a recurring payment, meaning these payments have a certain frequency as stated in the purchase process. These products shall only be used by the customer who acquired them, and their transfer or sale to a third party is prohibited. In addition, the private areas these products give access to, can only be visited or accessed by an IP and device and/ or user simultaneously reserving HIGHWAY TO SPANISH the right to automatically deny access to all but one of the devices or IP addresses.

Cancellations and Refunds

If for any reason the client is not satisfied with the purchase and wishes to cancel before having used the service, the amount paid will be refunded in full at no additional cost. The client is free to exercise his or her right of withdrawal, meaning no reason must be given to justify the cancellation; the client only needs to communicate his wish to exercise the withdrawal right in writing to HIGHWAY TO SPANISH at infohighway@highwaytospanish.com

If the client wishes to cancel the purchase of a lesson package after having taken any of the lessons included, the amount of the remaining lessons will be returned to the client without any penalty and at no additional cost, however the Client will have to pay for any financial expenses or fees generated by the actual refund transaction. The client must moreover give a reason to request the refund and / or cancellation of the purchase so that HIGHWAY TO SPANISH can take this into account for the future, and improve the services offered to its clients.

If the client cancels a lesson giving at least 24 hours’ notice by emailing infohighway@highwaytospanish.com, the lesson will be cancelled, and the client will be able to reschedule that lesson at no additional cost. If 24-hour notice of a lesson cancellation is not given, or if the client does not show up at the agreed time, the corresponding amount will not be refunded, except where there is duly justified cause. In these cases, the lesson will not be rescheduled.

If HIGHWAY TO SPANISH unilaterally decides to cancel the lessons, the client will be refunded the amount paid in full without any penalty and at no additional cost. this unilateral breach of the sales contract by HIGHWAY TO SPANISH will be duly justified, such us for instance persistent technical issues preventing the actual lessons.

The lessons that have already been taken will not be refunded under any circumstances.

In the case of subscription-based products, the customer is also entitled to cancel the purchase within the period established by the applicable legislation in Spain. The client may be refunded but only the proportional part of the subscription period that has not been used, considering these products offer the right to access a private area during the relevant subscription period. The client is free to exercise his or her right of withdrawal, meaning no reason must be given to justify the cancellation; the client only needs to communicate his wish to exercise the withdrawal right in writing to HIGHWAY TO SPANISH at infohighway@highwaytospanish.com.

Contracted Services Liability

HIGHWAY TO SPANISH shall provide the client with all the relevant content, information and guidance required to meet his or her learning goals, however, reaching proficiency in the language to be learned is the client’s full responsibility. HIGHWAY TO SPANISH does not guarantee a positive outcome of the lessons and or services acquired by the client.